Who's trying to defeat measure 21-177

Who's trying to defeat measure 21-177


A few local Lincoln County residents are voicing opposition to 21-177, the measure to ban aerial spraying, but the majority against the bill are not our residents, farmers or foresters.

Oregon Secretary of State’s website shows who organized and is funding the "Coalition to Defeat 21-177".  The first red flag is that the treasurer, Carol A Russell, also serves on campaigns such as Umpqua Valley Republican Women’s PAC, Friends of Paul Savas, Citizens to Elect Dennis Richardson, etc.  She is a treasurer for many Republican PACs throughout Oregon.  It is unlikely that Lincoln County’s economy or the health of it’s citizens concern her, ostensibly never having been a resident.

The donation list isn’t populated by our friends and neighbors but instead the likes of Weyerhaeuser, along with "Oregonians for Food & Shelter", a front organization for Ag and Chem companies.  Please look up “Oregonians for Food & Shelter PAC” on Oregon Secretary of State’s website so you can see for yourself the large donations made by Monsanto, Dow International, Simplex, Syngenta, Sprague Pest Solutions and others. These aren’t farmers or foresters but companies that profit from the sales of toxic chemicals.

Next we find a laundry list of Oregon Farm Bureau's aka fronts for big agriculture, a handful of timber companies, and a few individuals such as Rick Krohn, President of Western Helicopter Services.

Hilltop Public Solutions, a giant public relations firm, has received over $10,000 from the Coalition to Defeat 21-177, to provide, in their words, "What it takes to win".  On their website they brag openly of how they subvert democracy through their lobbying efforts funded by hundreds of millions of corporate dollars.  They will be the ones crafting misleading arguments, designing elegant websites and posters, and using every other political machination to deceive the voters.

Citizens of our county have spent their time and money trying to affect positive change and once again big business is trying to ensure that they can continue to harm our health and environment for their shareholder profits.

Recently I became aware that our own Lincoln County Commissioners have come out against measure 21-177 after having been pressured by corporate interests, in spite of a large volume of letters, emails, and phone calls urging them to reconsider.   While I would not go so far as to suggest any ethical wrongdoing, I do find it interesting that the same Carol A Russell is listed as the treasurer for Terry Thompson’s 2016 primary election campaign.


Matt Newell

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