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Letters to the Editor:

We need public conversation about the issues surrounding Measure 21-177 to be as constant as possible between now and the May election. Think of the following:

  • Take into account the fact that the News Times accepts only one Letter to the Editor per person per month. Therefore, the more Letters to the Editor our many supporters send, the better.

  • The best place to send a letter to the editor is to News Lincoln County. It can be 500 words send to Dave Morgan at his email dave@newslincolncounty.com
  • You don’t have to be an expert on the subject of aerial pesticide spraying to write a Letter to the Editor about it. Just think about what your personal concerns are in that respect, and write about that, just as the matter feels to you. You are a citizen of Lincoln County addressing a matter that the public needs to pay attention to.

  • The maximum number of words for a Letter to the Editor is 300. It will most likely be published within a week. The maximum number of words for a Viewpoint article is 600, and will most likely be published within two weeks. Send your letter or article to scard@newportnewstimes.com

  • We really would like to spread the word to the News Guard paper in Lincoln City as well. The maximum number of words for the letter to the editor for them is 250. Please put in the subject line of your email in bold “letter to the editor” Send your letter or article to cruud@countrymedia.net

  • If you need specific information to make your point clear, e-mail Maria at mkrausster@gmail.com, or call her at 541 574 2961.

Who do you know that supports our mission of stopping Aerial Pesticide spraying? Help us recruit others and reach our goals even faster. We need all the help we can get in the next few months.

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