Exposing unsuspecting citizens to possible carcinogens is inhumane.

I am writing in support of Measure 21-177, a county ordinance that would disallow aerial application of pesticides by helicopter, airplane or drone in Lincoln County

Exposing unsuspecting citizens to possible carcinogens is inhumane. I reside one mile east of the city of Gold Beach, Oregon, and have been exposed to aerial spraying over the past years. I have encountered serious illness while on my property during aerial herbicide applications. I have incurred thousands of dollars in medical expenses in addition to a loss of a productive life while recovering from these herbicide exposures. Anyone down wind of aerial spraying is subjected to chemical drift which can extend for miles. Without any notice, a helicopter appeared, barely allowing me time to run inside and close the windows in my home.

Subjecting individuals to these aerial assaults violates property owner's rights and should be a crime! Even an aerial spray that is carried out according to the Oregon Forest Practices Act and Pesticide Law can result in drift to nearby properties. By the time citizens like me report the problem to a state agency and an investigation is done, the harm to our health and property has already occurred. The Citizens of Lincoln County have a right to decide their future. Please vote: YES on Measure 21-177
I have documentation to support my allegations.

Jim Sweeney

Forest Landowner  Gold Beach

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