Spraying in Lincoln County

Citizens for a Healthy County is an organization of concerned residents which has filed a citizens' initiative to ban aerial spraying (spraying from airplane or helicopter) of pesticides* in Lincoln County, OR.

[*"pesticides" in this case refers to herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, et al]

The Ordinance:

The initiative, entitled “Freedom of Lincoln County from Aerially-Sprayed Pesticides”, will be on the May 2017 ballot. Thus, this spring, the people of Lincoln County will decide whether to allow the dangerous practice to continue or to cease where we all live and breathe. This local Lincoln County initiative, upon becoming an ordinance, will:

  1. Ban aerial spraying of pesticides in Lincoln County.
  2. Relieve our families and properties, wildlife and watershed from pesticide drift.
  3. Establish a local bill of rights to enable people to make important decisions about what happens in our community.
  4. Affirm and protect our rights to safety guaranteed to us under the Oregon State Constitution Article 1.
  5. Inspire more sustainable and less lethal forest practices.

Why do we need the Ordinance?

The dangers of aerial pesticide spraying to the health of people, wildlife, and ecosystems have been well-documented through numerous credited studies. Even though this harmful practice was banned on federal forests 30 years ago, aerial spraying has increased massively over state and private forests in Oregon.