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012_4.jpgCitizens for a Healthy County is an organization of concerned residents which has filed a citizens' initiative to ban aerial spraying (spraying from airplane or helicopter) of pesticides* in Lincoln County, OR.  

[*"pesticides" in this case refers to herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, et al]

Protect Our Children Our Water, and Our Rights.

 Lincoln County Bans Aerial Pesticide Spraying

Measure 21-177 increases its lead to 61 votes, winning a highly contested election.

Newport, Oregon – A majority of voters who returned to sign unsigned ballots approved Measure 21-177, bringing the total vote to 6994 for the ban versus 6933 against it, making the ban on aerial pesticide spraying in Lincoln County a reality. Thanks to the many people who volunteered and campaigned so valiantly, the vast amounts spent by corporate opponents failed to convince voters that profits are more important than health, safety, and the right to informed consent.

 By this victory, Lincoln County is the first county in the United States to ban aerial spraying of pesticides by the vote of the people. This is not the first time Lincoln County has spoken truth to power and won.

“Back in 1976, folks here put Lincoln County on the map by winning a huge landmark case against the United States government, stopping federal spraying of Agent Orange on our forests and homes and waterways,” said Susan Parker Swift. “Now Lincoln County has done it again. I couldn’t be prouder to share this repeat victory!”

Barbara Davis, co-petitioner of measure 21-177, says our win brought to her mind the following quote by Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

This election was the first major hurdle Measure 21-177 had to overcome to become a reality. Implementation of the measure, and the obstacles to it that opponents will raise, among them superior “rights” to override the rights of the people, including the people’s right to vote and their constitutional right to safety, are next. Citizens for a Healthy County will continue to meet those challenges, and welcomes all who are willing to join us in the effort.

Citizens for a Healthy County


The Ordinance:

The initiative, entitled “Freedom of Lincoln County from Aerially-Sprayed Pesticides”, will be on the May 2017 ballot. Thus, this spring, the people of Lincoln County will decide whether to allow the dangerous practice to continue or to cease where we all live and breathe. This local Lincoln County initiative, upon becoming an ordinance, will:

  1. Ban aircraft application of pesticides on clearcut forest land in Lincoln County.
  2. Protect our right to choose clean drinking water.
  3. Relieve our families and properties, wildlife and watershed from pesticide drift.
  4. Allow spray by backpack or tractor for farm, home, or fishing boat applications.
  5. Establish a local bill of rights to enable people to make important decisions about what happens in our community.
  6. Affirm and protect our rights to safety guaranteed to us under the Oregon State Constitution Article 1.
  7. Safeguard our wildlife from Atrazine and 2,4-D


Why do we need the Ordinance?

The dangers of aerial pesticide spraying to the health of people, wildlife, and ecosystems have been well-documented through numerous credited studies. Even though this harmful practice was stopped on federal forests 30 years ago, aerial spraying has increased massively over state and private forests in Oregon.


Where is spraying happening?

Between 2000-2013 the Siletz River watershed, which supplies drinking water to Newport, Toledo and Siletz, lost 50,000 acres of mature forest- all were sprayed with a dangerous chemical cocktail. Virtually every clearcut on private and state lands represents two to four cycles of aerial spraying. 90% of Lincoln County is covered by forests, most of which are managed as private industrial forests. The reality is that it is happening all around us.


Still have more questions? Worried about what you have heard about the ordinance? Please get informed click on this link to view our Myths, Mistruths & Misinformation page. 

If you still have more questions contact us we are real local people in your community and we are here to help you understand all of this.

What you can do:

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  • Please Donate! Our success will depend mightily on our ability to reach as many Lincoln County voters as possible. Your donations will increase our impact in reaching and urging others to VOTE "YES" ON MEASURE 21-177!
  • Volunteer to help out on the campaign. We need a lot of people to add power to our voice in this coming election.




Carol Van Strum, resident of the Five Rivers area of Lincoln County, is the author of A Bitter Fog. Her book is a poignant documentary about the suffering of herself, her family and neighbors and their land which occurred from poisons sprayed on them from the air in the 1980's ...and her research that followed affirming the threats to human and environmental health from industrial profiteering.

Drift was created in the Winter of 2015 by students enrolled in the Environmental Leadership Program at the University of Oregon. This film was created in collaboration with residents of Gold Beach, Oregon after a terrible incident of pesticide contamination of a community. This film examines the implications of statewide use of aerial herbicide spray on private timberland.

4 minute movie about clear cutting and aerial spraying in Oregon

Timberland herbicide spraying sickens a community -- a sad news story from Gold Beach Oregon. This is the story of a small community like ours that was sprayed from a helicopter right in the middle of the day. Such "accidents" are happening more and more around Oregon.

News Story about herbicide exposure, from Oregon Public Broadcasting. Here is a story of pesticide drift from a forester's prospective.

Radio show to listen to:

Hear the latest Living on Earth radio report on Triangle Lake

powerful quote from the show:

“FENTON: There is a very small window of time during pregnancy during which these herbicides, atrazine and its metabolites, can actually affect the breast. And it can affect it into adulthood. It can affect lactation. So it can affect the ability of the mom to provide nutrients to her offspring. In a child and an infant, the gland, the organ in the body may not be well formed, or mature. And as it’s being exposed, it’s changing its life course, the path it’s going to take for the rest of its life.”

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    Please call the Lincoln County Commissioners BEFORE their meeting on Monday at 9:30 a.m. They intend to publish an opposition opinion in the Voter’s Pamphlet. There was some serious misreading of the ordinance at the joint meeting in Yachats last night; lots of discussion about vigilantism coming from a partial reading of " Lincoln County or any resident of Lincoln County, may enforce the rights and prohibitions of this Ordinance
    through an action…" and ignoring the remainder of the section "… brought in any court possessing jurisdiction over activities occurring within Lincoln County. "
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    Citizens for a Healthy County